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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” - Carl Rogers

About Me

Starting therapy can be scary, so I applaud your courage to take the step. Good rapport with your therapist is key to the therapeutic process, so it is important you find someone you can be yourself with and who will be sensitive to your story while challenging growth. I look forward to connecting to determine if I might be that person for you. 


Using a gentle, trauma-informed approach I aim to create a refuge for those seeking clarity and calm during life’s emotional storms. My goal is not to “fix”— in fact, I don’t believe anything is actually wrong with you!— but to journey with you as you reclaim your own strengths and abilities to navigate your way forward. I draw from an eclectic toolbox of therapeutic approaches, as I believe every client deserves individualized support unique to one’s needs and circumstances. This being said, I am passionate about utilizing somatic or body-based and mindfulness strategies, as well as expressive art therapy techniques.


I hold a dual Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy from Lesley University, located in Cambridge, MA. I have worked with individuals experiencing relationship issues, anxiety and depression, anger issues, life/career transitions, suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, identity crises, midlife crises, OCD, trauma, and more. I am experienced working with individuals on the Autism spectrum or who otherwise fall under the neurodivergent umbrella, including folks with learning and developmental differences. I find a special connection with individuals who identify as Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). This is not a diagnosis, but rather an innate temperament found in roughly 15-20% of the population. Dr. Elaine Aron uses the acronym DOES to summarize the trait: Depth of Processing, Overstimulation, Emotional Responsiveness/Empathy, and Sensitivity to Subtleties/Sensory Stimuli. A free self-test to learn if you might be highly sensitive can be found here! Moreover, I value working with clients from a variety of religious backgrounds, including but not limited to the Christian and LDS traditions, who may carry religious trauma or are navigating faith challenges.


Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to meeting you soon!

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