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Peyton Gibson,

M.Ed. School Counseling, Counselor in Training

With unwavering dedication, empathy, and understanding, we can confront barriers, explore opportunities for healing, navigate life’s difficulties and cultivate resilience.

About Me

Being part of the optimal development for children and families has been at the core of my heart for the majority of my life. Majoring in Child Development was a pertinent stepping stone that led me to work toward a master’s degree in counseling. Being part of ‘doing the work’ toward healing and restoration with individuals is a great privilege. I happily accept clients in early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood (Gen Z and “millennial” generations - as some may put it). Gaining a Master's in School Counseling, however, has given me the opportunity especially deepen my expertise in working alongside children of all ages and abilities.


There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in the counseling process. Therefore, my techniques and approaches are altered based on the goals and needs of each unique client. My mission is to foster a safe environment that allows individuals to thrive emotionally, mentally, and socially. Creating a trusted and nurturing space creates the foundation for effective, accepting, growth-oriented interventions.


For as long as I can remember I have loved dancing, all animals (especially dogs), and learning new things. Jesus, exploring with my nieces and nephews, listening to live music, watching sports, unplugging, reading, and doing life with my husband are a few of my favorite cup-fillers. :)

My specialties: Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

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