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Provided Services

We offer a wide range of services between our on site therapist. We will work to get you aligned with the proper care depending on your unique situation.

Who we see:

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Couples


  • Families

  • Groups

  • Businesses

For struggles ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Sexuality

  • Abuse

  • Addiction

  • Isolation

  • Pain

  • Eating Disorders

  • Divorce

  • Family Systems

We also believe in training and preparing the next generation of providers, and partner with several local colleges to provide internship experiences for counseling graduate students.  We personally hand select each student to ensure the quality of services provided and work closely with them to deliver excellent care.  Their services are available at discounted rates, please click here to learn more.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy established by Dr. Richard Schwartz.  It has been empirically validated for use in PTSD, depression, teens, pain, and many other issues.  For more information regarding research, you can find resources at

This model is based on the concept of multiplicity of mind, which means that we all experience ourselves in multiple ways!  The goal of IFS is to access those deeply wounded parts within us and bring them healing.  When first working with parts with his clients, Dr. Schwartz began to witness something else emerge within his patients that was not a part at all.  This emergence he titled Self Energy.  He found that all of us possess a Self but that trauma or pain can often disconnect us from it.  Working with our systems from this approach allows us to regain contact with our Selves and bring healing to our wounded parts. I believe as Dr. Schwartz has said “Self is in everyone. It can’t be damaged. It knows how to heal.”

"I can say with certainty that the Self is in everybody.  Furthermore, the Self cannot be damaged, the Self doesn’t have to develop, and the Self possesses its own wisdom about how to heal interpersonal as well as external relationships."  -Richard Schwartz

"There was a time when I thought I had to kill all those parts of me that gave me trouble.  Now I see they may be my greatest helpers if I decide to make them my friends." – Virginia Satir

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