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Jessica Ginther, LPC, MA, NCC, IFS Trained

Founder & Therapist

Hi there!  I believe in the unique wholeness of each of us, and that the experience of this wholeness can be hidden from us through disconnection, trauma, and pain.  I have extensive training and clinical experience in working with trauma, couples, and individuals.  For more info, please click my bio below. 

"My own experience with anguish has been that facing it and living through it is the way to healing.  But I cannot do that on my own.  I need someone to keep me standing in it, to assure me that there is peace beyond the anguish, life beyond death, and love beyond fear.  But I know now, at least, that attempting to avoid, repress, or escape that pain is like cutting off a limb that could be healed with proper attention."    - Henry Nouwen

About Me

Therapy is deeply personal work.  It is a journey into our most vulnerable selves.  As such, I believe in forming strong connections within the therapeutic relationship to facilitate a safe and exploratory experience. I believe that our bodies and minds are not chaotic.  Everything we experience within us, is experienced that way for a reason, even if that reason remains unknown to us for a time.  Pain and trauma come in many forms, to each of us uniquely.  What our bodies do to endure, survive, and maintain is also incredibly unique to each of us.  Because of this, I do not believe in a “one-size fits all” form of therapy.  I look forward to going on a personal and unique journey with you. 

My name is Jessica Ginther.  I am a licensed therapist, with a degree in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling. Prior to becoming a therapist, I was an Emergency Department and Hospice nurse.  I view the body as one complete system that is always moving us towards healing, especially if we provide it with the environment it needs to heal! I am also the owner of Rooted Counseling in Lees Summit Missouri.  The mission in beginning this practice was to provide a space for therapists to serve and grow together as a team, and for therapy services to be easily accessible for our community!  We partner with only those therapists whose mission aligns with this purpose, and who strive to provide the highest of quality care. 

My belief in treating the whole system for optimum mental (and physical!) health has led me to pursue further training in Somatic work (a focus on the body) through Somatic Experiencing, personal strengths training through Narrative Enneagram education, and currently, certification process with Internal Family Systems, also known as IFS.  This may sound like family work, and while it can effectively be used with family systems, IFS is actually about the internal forces that resound within all of us!  It focuses on deep personal exploration through getting to know our own unique parts, and the stories, strengths and pains that they hold.  By getting to know and love our parts, we more fully come to know and love our Selves, as well as the Selves of others. 

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